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"Mystic Minnie" Selected for Stockholm City Film Festival

We are delighted to announce that "Mystic Minnie" was selected in the first film festival that it has been submitted to and that has reached its notification date, the Stockholm City Film Festival. We will know of its nomination/award status by August 25th.

An American couple become the center of attention in a rural pub in 1950s Ireland when wagers are made on the wife's psychic abilities.

Eugene (Paul Murphy) and Carthy (John Barrett), two local pub dwellers from a small village in Ireland, share their outrageous gossip of the morning’s events with a suspicious Seamus (Anthony O'Boyle), who arrives in the pub after a hard slog in the bog. It appears that an American couple from Chicago, Hank (Joseph Palmer) and Minnie (Sarah O'Toole), had just put on a show of Minnie’s psychic abilities; but was there more to the their display than meets the eye?

Behind the Scenes:


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