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The Cathedral wins again

The Cathedral wins yet another award for sound design. The judges at Tabloid Witch Awards not only awarded the film, but also gave it a great write up. A huge thank you to all at Tabloid Witch Awards and congratulations to Turlough Ó Cinnéide for winning the award.

"The Cathedral is an old-fashioned Irish ghost story with a dash of exorcism. Two priests investigate a haunting in their house, then track its source to the cathedral. Whereupon they must perform the usual exorcism. As with many spook tales, the spirit (or demonic?) manifestations begin small, then rise in intensity. Strange noises, knocking doors when no one is there, moving objects. Some of these lead to clues as to why the spirit is restless, so that the noises become an active part of the story. While the cinematography and visual effects are very good, The Cathedral is a low-key effort that mostly relies on an engaging story and characters, good acting, and a tense atmosphere. A tension that derives largely from the interplay between periods of deathly silence, and small innocent sounds (a dripping faucet), and then loud supernatural noises, some recognisable, some not."

Watch the trailer here.


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