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Mission Statement

Dolmen Films is an Irish film production company whose mission is to professionally showcase Irish creativity and provide quality entertainment through unique, thoughtful storytelling for the domestic and international markets.

"We will make Ireland the Hollywood of Europe" 

Turlough Kennedy



Dolmen Films was founded in 2017 by Turlough Kennedy with a vision to establish a base 

where filmmakers could come together to produce high-quality content and not be hampered by a lack of equipment or team members. The name Dolmen Films was created by our founder to symbolize how stories are born and die only to be reborn again in another form of a plot. Just like the dolmen our ancestors built, a symbol of life, death, and rebirth. 


We are a collection of professional freelance filmmakers from different backgrounds and life experiences who work well together, are obsessed about quality, and are a pleasure to have on set. We firmly believe that our work speaks for us and, if you feel the same and require the services of crewmembers, send us a message and we'll put you in contact with any of our collaborators that suit your needs.

Martin Nee.jpg

Martin Nee

Camera Op/Drone Op
Colour Grader


Joseph Palmer



Tony Rogers

Sound Engineer


Marta Di Giovanni

Avid Editor/Cinematographer


Barry Smyth

Sound Engineer

stephanie brennan_edited.jpg

Stephanie Brennan

Assistant Director
Production Designer


martin cassidy_edited.jpg

Martin Cassidy

Gaffer/Camera Op/Focus Puller

morgan mescal_edited.jpg

Morgan Mescal

Director/Assistant Director

sean courtney_edited.jpg

Sean Courtney

Production Photographer

greg kozma_edited.jpg

Gergely Kozma

Cinematographer/Camera Op
Lighting Technician

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