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This week is a busy week: "The Cathedral" enters festival run...

A priest, haunted by his past, has his daily life disrupted by an ancient spirit of the damned who seeks to steal his soul. A horror-thriller.

For eons, with her dark granite cliffs, rain sodden boglands, and misty damp forests, Ireland has given birth to legends and tales of horrific and terrifying beasts, dark figures, and vengeful demons. This story, "The Cathedral", is based loosely on one of these tales. Long ago in the 14th century there was a monk who gave into temptation and for this temptation he relinquished his soul to Beelzebub, the Devil. Bound to the church he once worshipped at, he had to reappear every 100 years to steal a soul, until in 1884 a local priest banished him. They say that before he was exorcised, a single tear fell from the demon, leaving a mark on the church floor which can been seen to this day. "The Cathedral" recreates the tension of this spiritual battle in contemporary times.

"Fr. Noel", the lead character, is played by Nigel Mercier, who has starred in "Fair City", "Love/Hate", "Jack Taylor", "The Martini Shot", and "Hexing". He is also the founder of the longstanding Limerick School of Acting which recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary.

Other cast members include (alphabetical order):

Follow this space to keep track of the progress of our horror-thriller.


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