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"The Cathedral" & "The Breaking" - Online August 27th, 28th - Underground Cinema

"The Cathedral" and "The Breaking" will have their online screening at the 13th Underground Cinema from 12:00 GMT on Saturday, August 27th to 24:00 GMT Sunday, August 28th.

"The Cathedral" starring Nigel Mercier, has already done very well in the beginning of its festival run, scooping up multiple awards and nominations from several international film festivals.

"The Cathedral": An ancient spirit haunts an old church, disrupting the daily routines of two priests and ultimately threatening their lives.

"The Breaking" has only just begun its festival run but we have high hopes for it as it is dramatically filmed and extremely well acted by John Morley, an acting talent from Oranmore, Co. Galway.

"The Breaking": A man struggles to defeat his own demons, discovering the infinite loneliness of addiction.

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