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A massive congratulations to Barry Smyth for receiving the well-deserved "Best Original Script" award for his writing on "Mystic Minnie" in the most recent edition of the London International Monthly Film Festival. Barry Smyth is an extremely talented writer that, is not only a fountain of ideas, wastes no time in putting pen to paper. "Mystic Minnie" is but one of his many brilliant works, so it's extremely exciting to see him receive direct recognition with this award. In a nutshell: there's more where that came from.

A director and writer from Co. Longford, in the midlands of Ireland, Barry has lived and worked around the world as a writer and is one of three partners of Dolmen Films. His writing and films are inspired by both old and contemporary stories of Ireland and its people; whether they are funny, moving, or frightening. His recent short story, "Sprawl", was published alongside works by the likes of Colm Tóibín in the Ropes Literary Journal. His short films like "Mystic Minnie" intend the push the boundaries of the production quality available on low budget films with ambitious settings and plots.

Mystic Minnie: The patrons of a rural Irish bar in the 50s are shocked when an American tourist reveals she is a psychic.

Eugene (Paul Murphy) and Carthy (John Barrett), two local pub dwellers from a small village in Ireland, share their outrageous gossip of the morning’s events with a suspicious Seamus (Anthony O'Boyle), who arrives in the pub after a hard slog in the bog. It appears that an American couple from Chicago, Hank (Joseph Palmer) and Minnie (Sarah O'Toole), had just put on a show of Minnie’s psychic abilities; but was there more to the their display than meets the eye?

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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

"Mystic Minnie" has received Special Mentions for Best Short Film, Best Directing, and Best Acting in the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival. This is the first festival to reach its award stage for the film so we are undoubtedly excited for this result.

This is a testament to the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication by all members of the cast and crew to whom we are truly thankful.

The Best Directing Special Mention goes to Barry Smyth, who not only wrote the short screenplay, but also directed and produced it... in addition to securing locations and props (an actual donkey, a cart full of hand cut peat, and a vintage car just to name a few).

The Best Acting Special Mention was an "in general" category so all members of the cast, who did an excellent job slipping into the skin of their unique characters, receive the honour:

Great job to all members of the cast and crew and may there be many more happy returns in the future!

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The award-winning "Born From Fire" has just received notification that it has been officially selected in the Lane Doc Fest in Jackson, Tennessee, USA in the Humanity category as it educates international viewers on Irish culture and how its historical figures, even those who are more obscure, affect entire communities and landmarks to this day. A section of the documentary is devoted to the work of an artist and a traditional blacksmith who pay tribute to the historical subject, Gráinne, by lovingly forging a work of art in her honour using traditional smithing methods with a 300 year old forge located not far from the area of Gráinne's impact.

View the sneak peek below:

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