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The documentary that keeps on giving. Having won several awards and nominations Born From Fire is still going and has now reached the Trujillo Independent Film Festival in Peru. A huge thanks to the festival for including our work in their slate this year. Directed by Turlough Ó Cinnéide and Marta Di Giovanni, the documentary tells the folklore tale of a girl born from fire and how her name has lived on for over 3 thousand years.


Thanks to the Alternative Film Festival, Mystic Minnie wins the place of second runner up for best film.

Mystic Minnie is a period drama set in 1950s Ireland and follows an American couple who claim that Minnie is a psyche. Directed by Barry Smyth and staring Sarah O'Toole as Minnie this film will leave you with a smile on your face.

As always, a big thank you to everyone involved for the hard work and determination that got this film made.


In an extremely fantastic turn of events, "Mystic Minnie" has also been selected for the Cynon Valley Film Festival in Aberdare, South Wales alongside "The Breaking". "Mystic Minnie" has already collected awards for Best Original Script and Best Actress (Sarah O'Toole) and Honourable Mentions for Best Short Film, Best Acting (Cast Ensemble), and Best Director (Barry Smyth).

"Mystic Minnie" was the product of the rich history of the village near where Barry Smyth was raised and has recently returned: Ardagh, Co. Longford. He was told stories by his father of how fascinating it was when anyone from abroad came to the village, which gave rise to a tale about the appearance of a seemingly supernatural American being told by a less than reputable source.

Logline: An American couple become the center of attention in a rural pub in 1950s Ireland when wagers are made on the wife's psychic abilities.

Official Trailer:

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