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"The Cathedral" Grabs 2 Wins, 4 Nominations - Independent Horror Movie Awards

The judges at the Independent Horror Movie Awards were very generous to "The Cathedral" in their Summer session, a testament to the cast and crew who sacrificed long, overnight shoots in several locations. The film was a long time in the works, faced a few mishaps, but we overcame hurdles that would normally test the fortitude of most micro-budget independent filmmakers. Our cast and crew were tenacious and determined to get it made. It was the D-day of Dolmen Films and it appears to have paid off.


  • BEST SOUND - We had a stacked sound team working with us: Tony Walsh (Der Irland-Krimi), Barry Smyth (Lulu and the Electric Dreamboat, Routine, The Breaking), and Tony Rogers (Lulu and the Electric Dreamboat, Mystic Minnie). Together they captured the sounds that would make up the soundscape at the disposal of the sound editor and director Turlough Ó Cinnéide, who was able to create jump scares that were mature, organic, and not forced. Naturally this leads us to the next award.

  • BEST ATMOSPHERE - There are several pieces that made winning this award possible. One is the soundscape in the editing room to which Turlough Ó Cinnéide is credited. Without the proper locations and set design, however, the soundscape can only go so far. Both Joseph Palmer and Turlough Ó Cinnéide teamed up together to find and secure the perfect locations for the film. In addition, Barry Smyth and Aiden Murry helped turn the locations into living spaces with their set design and decoration. The icing on the atmosphere cake is the lighting, which was handled by our lighting director Martin Cassidy who brought a wealth of equipment and knowledge to the set.


  • BEST ACTOR - Nigel Mercier strikes again. So far he has earned one Best Actor award, one Honourable Mention for Best Actor, and now a Nomination for Best Actor, and "The Cathedral" has only been in its festival run for 3 months. This says it all without a doubt.

  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - This is Greg Kozma's second Nomination for Best Cinematography for "The Cathedral".

  • BEST SHORT - All of the above culminates here, a nomination for Best Short. It exemplifies the teamwork that went into the film, devoid of ego; a cast and crew who knew what their job was and who did it to the best of their ability.

  • BEST SCARE - Last but not least, is the nomination for Best Scare. This encompassed the Acting, Atmosphere, Sound, Lighting, and Cinematography... but also the writing. There is no scare without the writing.

Thank you judges at the Independent Horror Movie Awards for making today a beautiful day. You can view the Official Trailer below:

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