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1st Assistant Director

Having graduated with a first class Honours in TV and Media Production, Morgan Mescal stepped in and became an essential addition on two of Dolmen films productions, "Mystic Minnie" and "The Cathedral" as AD. Soon after graduating, Morgan began working on professional rugby games as a reliable camera assistant becoming very familiar with the Sony 2500. From there he has gone on to work on big money productions such as "Dancing With The Stars" for RTE and most recently, "Name That Tune" for Fox where has been given the opportunities to operate both the 2500 and a wire camera, demonstrating the trust the company has in him to operate such expensive equipment.

Morgan, who is also the cousin of Bafta-winning, Emmy-nominated Best Actor, Paul Mescal ("Normal People"), has also been Directing and Producing his own projects too that include a period piece on Jack the Ripper, which has been publicly recognized in radio interviews and newspaper articles. He has also worked on music videos for his cousins, Nell Mescal ("Deja Vu") and Luke Kelly ("The Shed"). Furthermore, he is currently writing a screenplay about St. Patrick... but with Morgan's own imaginative and unique twist.

Morgan has talent, he has passion, and will always give his best to bring a vision to life. He is an amazing team player that you can count on. He is a must hire of any unit. He is also extremely creative and knows how to network. He comes highly recommended. Contact Us if he can fill any gap in your team and we'll pass your information onto him. You will not be disappointed.