As part of the Galway Theatre Festival 2022 program, the team at Dolmen Films created two one-take super shorts for Little Cinema Galway's One-Take Challenge, which took place on May 4, 2022. Little Cinema Galway, founded by Kenny Gaughan who continues to host it to this day and funded by Galway City Council, has been operating on a voluntary basis since 2010, providing a platform for local filmmakers at all levels to showcase their creativity and to help perpetuate the longstanding tradition of filmmaking in UNESCO Galway City of Film. Filmmakers and members of the public gather together once a month in the Roisin Dubh to watch short films, music videos, documentaries, and experimental shorts while also networking, planning future projects, and having a good night in general. The One Take Challenge is a bit of non-competitive fun that takes place in the Spring. Little Cinema Galway hosts another annual event, in conjunction with Ardán (formerly known as the Galway Film Centre), called the 48-Hour Challenge which is a more competitive event.

Galway is home to many of the people who have and are still collaborating with Dolmen Films to make great movies. Many of us graduated from some of the numerous film schools and/or attended acting classes in Galway, so being a part of the local filmmaking scene and doing what it takes to support local treasures that have become tradition, like Little Cinema, is important to us. We all had fun creating these shorts for the One-Take Challenge, though the weather was pretty nasty for Attention!

"Attention!" is a super short one-take quirky comedy with a nod to Monty Python's Flying Circus skits. Written by Barry Smyth and directed by Tony Rogers, it follows a set of would-be recruits who learn what it takes, through a set of unorthodox marching drills, to become a soldier... the hard way.

Starring: Alphaa Ike, Paul David Murphy, Kevin O' Brien, Iggy Roddy

DOP: Lakshika Serasinhe

Other than the weather posing a problem for cast and crew alike, we had some unexpected location challenges that, from a cinematic perspective, worked in our favor. However, it meant figuring out how to block and frame the shots on the fly as we had limited time. The lucky location problem gave Barry Smyth a new "prop" to swim in.

"Wisp" is a super short one-take horror/thriller about two friends on a hike who have a strange encounter in the woods that takes a terrifying turn. Written and directed by Barry Smyth.

Starring: Tatiana Evonuk, Rena Bryson

DOP: Matthew Blayney

Filming in Barna Wood on a bank holiday weekend presented a bit of a challenge as it's a popular and busy destination for families and dog walkers, but we miraculously managed to get what we needed in the end with no sound issues or strangers being caught in the frame. We used a SnorriCam to lock focus on the lead actress while making the world around her dizzying and disorientating.

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